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The first Gorillaz FULL BAND vinyl toy set in ten years! Can’t choose your favorite? Neither can we. Add 2D, Noodle, Murdoc & Russel to your collection — complete with iconic musical accessories. 


2D is BACK...and he brought the ENTIRE BAND! 

Legendary Gorillaz frontman 2D encapsulated in 12-inches of limited-edition soft vinyl. Inspired by 2D’s iconic look in the Song Machine series, this exclusive toy features notoriously spiky blue hair, unlaced-kicks, Black Planet tee, and lucky beads. 


At last! Murdoch (and the band) is here for the first time in ten years! 

Gorillaz official bass player and self-proclaimed leader Murdoc Niccals are 13-inch gorgeous (and green) vinyl. Carrying Murdoch’s signature works; huge bass, lighted cigarettes, nails long enough to scratch the blackboard and green skin. Add the first Murdoc art toy in more than 10 years to your Gorillaz collection band. 


Say "hello" to the first Noodle art toy in TEN YEARS! 

Gorillaz guitarist Noodle is 11-inches of killer cute and extremely badass vinyl. Inspired by the Song Machine series, Noodle’s look includes monster mitts, huuuge guitar, bangs swept over eyes, and knee-high socks. Don’t sleep on the monster mitts, Noodle destroys guitar solos with or without her fingers.  


The FIRST EVER Russel Hobbs art toy with a FULL DRUM KIT 😱 

The largest piece in the set, Gorillaz drummer Russel Hobbs is accompanied by his famous drum kit, now cast in exquisitely soft vinyl. As seen in the Song Machine series, Russel’s style includes a yellow button-up, floppy hat, and drum kit guaranteed to hold a beat. 9-inches tall while SITTING, Russel (and his giant drum kit) are guaranteed to add some rhythm to your collection.